Walking the Walk: Deepening Moneythink’s Commitment to Racial Equity through Education + Action

Protest signs from Oakland’s 2020 Juneteenth protest litter the ground of Frank Ogawa Plaza
What if We Aimed Even Higher?

Education and Reflection

Foundational to our DEI commitment, Moneythink is dedicating ourselves to individual and collective learning. The intersection of race, class, systems, gender, and power in America have a direct impact on whom we primarily serve and how we can even more proactively fuel students’ education and career trajectories as we strive to help shape a new, equitable reality.

Reading and Reflection Paid Time Off

In order to help create the time and space for our respective learning, Moneythink designates a monthly “reading and reflection” day, to be observed on the last Friday of each month.

Protesters hold signs in San Francisco in recognition of the worldwide #oromoprotest

Community and Civic Engagement

1-week Social Justice Sabbatical

To support our employees showing up in their communities, Moneythink will grant each team member one week each year to engage in community and civic engagement with outside organizations and/or related causes centered on social justice work.

Juneteenth Observance

Every year, starting last month, Moneythink acknowledges and celebrates Juneteenth (the 19th of June) as an organization-wide holiday.

Strengthening our Diversity

Outside of our employee benefits, Moneythink makes the following pledges to advance racial equity within our team composition:

  1. Ensure that our current and future Black and Brown colleagues continue to play a prominent role in shaping and leading our mission forward
  2. Continue to proactively recruit qualified Black and Brown individuals for future Board seats
  3. Proactively source and recruit qualified Black and Brown individuals, as well as other people of color, when hiring for new staff and contractors
  4. Focus on bringing our broader vision to life: ensuring that traditionally under-served communities have greater pathways to economic mobility and social capital through high quality, affordable higher education opportunities
Protestors applaud a speaker at downtown Oakland’s Juneteenth 2020 protest



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