A note from Joshua Lachs, Moneythink’s CEO

Bringing our Mission to Life

Moneythink’s decade-long focus on empowering traditionally under-served and marginalized high school and college students inspires us to be a strong force for good. Our youth-centered financial capability work has uplifted and fueled tens of thousands of students these last 12 years. In many ways, we can proudly say that our social justice mission, underscored with our human-centered design approach and explicit DEI value set, speaks for itself. …

A recent survey found that over half of Black and Hispanic/Latinx parents of high school students are reporting changes in their child’s post high-school plans, compared to 43% for white parents. Those changes include deferring a year when colleges allow it, or changing decisions on which college to go to. The same survey found that less than half of students plan to go to a four-year college, which is down from 7% only a month ago. …

If you are wondering what the new normal will look like, we’re all wondering the same thing. You had plans for the fall and you’re staying the course, you’ve changed your plans, or you’re in the throes of figuring out just how much those plans will change.

If you’re committed to starting college in the fall, expect others to join you! About 42% of students in a recent survey will not delay under any circumstances. Another survey from April shows that 17% of respondents are weighing a delayed enrollment to a four-year college until spring 2021. …

Things are changing in real time as colleges decide whether they will serve students on campus or virtually this coming fall. Likewise, students are considering a range of issues such as how far from home they can realistically go, if they need to work sooner than later, and if college expenses are even wise right now. As allies and college financial advisors, our intention is to ensure that all students have the tools and resources they need to make informed and affordable college decisions — ultimately helping them reach their college and career goals. …

Moneythink names Josh Lachs as new Chief Executive Officer

Moneythink announced today that Joshua Lachs has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Josh brings extensive experience in the nonprofit, social enterprise, and higher education sectors to Moneythink. His history of leading comprehensive strategic development as well as revenue, program, and external relations growth will be instrumental in guiding Moneythink through its next phase of development and scale.

“Since our founding in 2008, Moneythink has pioneered award-winning technology solutions to bring financial guidance to its students, and today the organization is perfectly poised to scale its impact,” said Board Chairman, Greg Nance. “Josh’s catalytic leadership as CEO will enable millions of young people to overcome financial barriers to college success. …

Liz is Moneythink’s Engineering Manager. This is her journey.

When I was a teenager, I learned that equitable access to education is one of the hallmarks of living in a just world.

In the years since then, I’ve realized that I really do want to live in a just world; and, as some of the veils of my naivety have fallen away, I’ve decided I’ll settle for as close to a just world as we can intentionally create. So while I’m not sure that we’ll ever achieve world peace, or climate stability, or completely equitable access to education, I do believe that these are goals worth actionably moving toward. …

Elizabeth works at Moneythink as a College Coach. This is her college journey.

As a first-generation college graduate, I feel a deep connection to the work we do at Moneythink. The students we help are smart, hard-working, responsible, and strongly committed to getting a solid education despite their odds. I love that our work helps to address the problem of unequal access to education in our country by providing personal support to students.

I understand first-hand the challenges that face our students, many of whom don’t have the same financial and social advantages as their well-resourced peers.

I grew up in a small town in Oregon with limited educational opportunities. I was raised…

These are the kinds of text messages we get every day. Only 9% of low-income students receive their college degree in 4–6 years. And the main barrier to a degree is money. These students are left on their own to navigate complex financial aid systems and make some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

At Moneythink, we empower under resourced students by supporting financial decision-making through coaching and technology. Our coaches message students over text — giving rapid access to quality support.

Juan Cortes works at Moneythink as a College Coach. This is his college journey.

Juan as a “taco-dile” this past Halloween (2017)

Growing up, my parents always told me that I had to go to college, but they never said how I was going to pay for it. By the time I reached my senior year of high school, my sister was already in college, so I was lucky to have her to guide me through the FAFSA process. But grants and federal aid could only cover so much; in order to avoid taking on any debt, I had to take the community college route instead.

Even though I did not have to take out loans, my community college’s remedial courses were…

Moneythink’s take on provisioning Emojis responsibly

To those who provision emojis,

Thank you for the work you are doing. You have provided so many people with a fun and convenient way to express themselves in digital conversation. With so many users flocking to your platform at an ever-increasing rate, you’ve made it easy for individuals and brands to convey ideas to their family and friends, clients and colleagues.

To provide such a simple yet powerful means for people to express themselves is quite a privilege.

And because you provide for so many people — a delightfully heterogeneous medley of humankind — you have taken on a responsibility to furnish emojis representative…


We're a #nonprofit that empowers under-resourced students to achieve #collegesuccess by supporting #financial decision-making through #coaching and technology.

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